EnergyWeek South Africa

EnergyWeek South Africa is an annual meeting point taking place from 11-12 December in Cape Town to discuss the progress of energy projects in Southern Africa. Within this week EnergyNet will host the separate investment meetings International gas Cooperation Summit, Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit and the Black Industrialists Energy Summit to explore opportunities for gas and renewable energy project development in the region.

About the Black Industrialists Energy Summit

In alignment with the Black Industrialist Programme led by the Department of Trade and Industry, the ‘Black Industrialist Energy Summit’ is hosted under the theme “Leveraging the power of diversity for long-term economic growth and sustainability”.

BIES offers a transparent environment for discussions and will address the practical steps of implementing a successful Black Industrialist Programme. It will provide insights on the direction of Black enterprise development and South Africa’s industrial sector.

What is the government strategy to achieve growth and global competitiveness of Black- owned businesses? What is expected of the Black Industrialist Programme participants? How will Africa’s industrialists create value, employment, revenue and innovation across the energy value-chain? 


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Why Now?

South Africa’s Black Industrialist Programme was launched in 2012 and within two years, 102 industrialists received funding while 48 companies were given assistance with market access. As recently as April 2018, the Black Energy Professionals Association was launched to increase ownership and build a base for Africa’s industrialists within the energy sector.

This meeting will provide a unique update on the government’s plans for making the BIP a success and creating an environment where entrepreneurship in the energy sector can thrive.


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